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What's it all about?

School of Code is about opening the opportunity of tech up to everyone. Our free coding bootcamp takes you from 0 to programmer and ready to launch into a career in tech!

You’ll be trained in the industry best practices and standards, and we will help you to get a foothold in the tech industry! On top of creating software to solve real-world problems, you’ll receive training to be confident and job-ready.

Take a look back at how it all started with our Cohort 1 video.

Remote Learning!

Covid-19 hit us half way through our third bootcamp, and we had to immediately learn the ins and outs of learning remotely.

We spent the time exploring how to do it best, and we are now offering fully remote and blended courses.

The benefit is that we can help more people than before, which helps us achieve our core value of helping more and different kinds of people into tech.

How It Works

Government funding and Employer sponsors help us get started.

We take people on a life changing journey from complete beginner to professional developer.

We work with our Employer Partners who pay an employer pledge when they hire someone from the course.