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At the school of code we make coding fun, social and collaborative. Don't believe us? Find out how!

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What we do

Code School

Teach the world to code

Our team coding challenges make learning to code fun for everyone

Browser code

Hire the perfect coder

Find and assess soft skills, team work, and practical programming skills

Technology ideas

Collaborative classroom coding

We engage kids with peer learning tasks, and save teachers time delivering the coding curriculum!



Engage your classroom with our collaborative coding platform.

Team students up to learn and solve problems together - real time peer learning! We support you with the national coding curriculum, and with our automated assessment tools we save you time


Coding In Brum

Come and join us in BBC Blue Room over the summer holidays and have a go at basic coding; creating your very own pixel character which you can add to a giant coded image we’ll be creating.

What I found investigating my local tech scene

Coder Supply & Demand Report

Free Classroom Challenge

Our Social Mission

We want to to get more and different types of people into technology - that is what drives us! We are striving for a fairer future for all, where nobody is left behind. Find out how we do this, and how you can help.

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